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DEI is not just an initiative or checklist, but a mindset. We all want to feel valued, encouraged, heard, accepted, and/or to feel like we belong. Have fun challenging the grain and shifting the mindset to create a physical and emotional space that nourishes authenticity, transparency, and productivity. Besides...DEI is good business practice!

Jump into June

The month of June is all about recognizing, advocating for, and educating each other to honor PTSD Awareness Month, Alzheimer & Brain Awareness Month, PRIDE for the LGBTQ+ community, Immigrant Heritage Month and National Indigenous History month!

Diversity Director - Jadon Hunter


Thought I'd Share

Here is a link to a fun newsletter podcast called I Hate It Here that serves as "A safe space for jaded, overworked and emotionally burned out HR/People Operations professionals who need a little inspiration to tackle the newest dumpster fire of the week." ...I know right!? 

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